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    Welcome to Action Now Institute!  Action Now Institute (ANI) strengthens the voices of people in less-advantaged communities through leadership development, civic engagement and direct outreach. By partnering scholarly research and grassroots community organizing, we are able to educate, inspire and empower community residents of Illinois

    The political sphere needs rejuvenation based on a balanced combination of experience with the needs, energy, and innovation of residents of Illinois low- and-moderate-income communities. Labor markets should provide young people with adequate life opportunities. Education should reach a level of quality that will allow students to acquire knowledge and become competitive. Basic equality should be granted from birth, formed in childhood, and consolidated in youth.

    The ANI strategy is designed to strengthen resilience, sustainable human development, and the formation of effective and democratic management systems. It encourages young generations to become even more dedicated agents of change in development processes.

    ANI supports policies and programs to actively attract young people and provide them with real opportunities for participation in work on sustainable human development, the potential and resilience of their communities to adverse impacts. A combination of residents of Illinois' low- and moderate-income communities and innovative approaches potentially allows them to work out solutions to development problems and transform society.

    The current generation is the largest in the history of mankind. It possesses unprecedented opportunities to exchange information, practical measures, and influence. But also the challenges facing them are unprecedented in nature - from climate change to unemployment and various forms of inequality as well as social exclusion. This is especially true for young people from socially vulnerable and marginalized groups of society.

      The main provisions of the strategy and three expected results include:
    • extension of youth opportunities in the economic sphere,
    • broader involvement of low- and moderate-income communities in public activities, participation in decision-making and political life, and in the work of institutions,
    • expansion of the participation of low- and moderate-income communities in work on enhancing countries' resilience to adverse impacts.
      Our guiding principles are as follows:
    • respect for human rights,
    • gender equality,
    • sustainability,
    • responsibility and leadership of national authorities,
    • real participation,
    • innovation,
    • cooperation,
    • volunteering,
    • knowledge sharing between different generations,
    • work nearby and together with the youth and in its interests.
      ANI areas of activity:
    • capacity development,
    • upholding and taking into account the interests of low- and moderate-income communities, intellectual leadership,
    • improving national policies.

    The implementation of the strategy involves the achievement of long-term results.

    Decent work and decent earnings are the main factors determining the empowerment of youth and other community residents in the socio-economic sphere - they contribute to the sustainable development of human potential as a whole. The success of this activity means an increase in the number of jobs for residents of Illinois. For example, the provision of the ability to work either as an essay writer or a politician. It is also necessary to provide quality improvement of jobs by increasing productivity, promoting the displacement of young people into more productive sectors, and expansion of access to social protection systems.

    It is crucial to provide access to financial resources and markets in combination with training young entrepreneurs, especially women, supporting social enterprises, expanding employment opportunities through the creation of public-private partnerships. Non-formal education will allow acquiring skills needed to improve prospect's employment, will provide the organization of internships and industrial studies, as well as expand access to information about the employment market. Another important area is the formation of socio-political conditions conducive to the creation of jobs for youth.

    When low- and moderate-income communities, especially young people, know their rights, their opportunities to participate in civil society, state service and in political life, rise at all levels. They need to know what mechanisms to use in order to realize their civil and political rights and participate in decisions that affect their lives.

    Other possible forms of participation: volunteering, admission opportunities to work in the government and participate in decision-making processes, and state administrative bodies participating in initiatives to ensure transparency and accountability, advocacy for human rights, legal reforms, youth support organizations, analysis of policies and the use of the media.

    Our citizens can be a constructive force in bringing about change in their communities during conflicts and natural disasters. Timely actions to stabilize sources of income contribute to the strengthening of sustainability and social cohesion. In addition, they contribute to the formation of alternative measures, for example, to prevent conflicts among young people at risk. Strategic mechanisms for engagement are designed to mobilize young people and expand their opportunities as a constructive force to implement changes in communities, including organizing employment and entrepreneurial activities in emergency situations.

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