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November 21 , 2010 UNICEF launches multireligious campaign for child health
November 18, 2010 CIFA Launches Database of Multireligious Collaborations
November 4 , 2010 Foundation for Ethnic Understanding sponsors mosque-synagogue twinning project
November 3 , 2010 UN Special Envoy for Malaria meets with NIFAA
November 1 , 2010 AJWS "interfaith" PSA goes viral
October 29, 2010 CIFA featured in ICNA's "The Message"
September 7, 2010 Faith leaders denounce anti-Muslim bigotry, call for respect of religious liberty
August 30, 2010 American Muslims, Interfaith Leaders Respond To Anti-Muslim Sentiment
August 30, 2010 Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan
August 20, 2010 US Imams and Muslim leaders make historic trip to Auschwitz
August 16, 2010 InterAction members respond to the floods in Pakistan
July 30, 2010 ODI, Tearfund, World Vision publish paper on faith-based collaboration on HIV in emergencies
July 20, 2010 Religious leaders commit to action on HIV
July 15, 2010 TAM featured in USAID Administrator blog
July 7, 2010 Estimating the Number of Paediatric Fevers Associated with Malaria Infection Presenting to Africa's Public Health Sector in 2007
July 2, 2010 UN Creates New Structure for Empowerment of Women
June 27, 2010 Seventh-day Adventist Church releases statements on ending violence against women and children and global poverty
June 22, 2010 Interfaith Advocacy for Girls: Samsohoe Nuns Visit CIFA
June 14, 2010 Stopping a Killer: Preventing Malaria in Our Communities faith-based sermon guide launched
May 14, 2010 NIFAA cited as a "Great Faith-based Enterprise Solution to Poverty"

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