CIFA’s program focus and priorities will be cast within the broad framework of the UN-adopted Millennium Development Goals (MDG’s), either through direct collaboration to achieve these goals or by working to improve the faith community’s capacity to address these goals. The primary areas of focus for CIFA’s work will be:


The interfaith community plays a deeply important role in the fight against malaria around the globe. CIFA works closely with faith leaders and other local partners on Together Against Malaria in Mozambique.

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Faith-based groups serve millions of people around the world who are suffering from HIV/AIDS or vulnerable to its spread. CIFA will lend critical support to these groups so they can more effectively deliver treatment and prevention education to areas where help is needed most.

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Gender Justice

Women and girls bear an unjust burden of the causes and consequences of poverty and disease. CIFA believes the interfaith community has a powerful role to play in empowering women through influential religious and moral action in local communities and beyond.

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