Together Against Malaria (TAM)

Before TAM I had never been in a mosque and had no personal access to Muslim leaders. We understand now we have problems in common and we start to collaborate”

Pastor Paul Viegas
Assemblies of God Church, Zambezia PIRCOM leader

About TAMtam

The Programa Inter Religioso Contra a Malaria (PIRCOM) began in 2006, arising from the common vision of national leaders from the top 10 faith communities in Mozambique, including Christian, Muslim, Hindu and Baha’i faiths. PIRCOM, co-chaired by Bishop Dinis Sengulane and Sheik Hassan Makda, with assistance from Adventist Relief and Development, has mounted a national campaign to train faith leaders with key malaria prevention and control messages so that they can reach out to members of faith communities with repeated anti-malaria messaging with funding from the President's Malaria Initiative (PMI).  To date, PIRCOM has trained over 21,000 faith leaders, who have reached more than 1.5 million people across Mozambique with life-saving malaria control education. CIFA provides technical and fundraising support.

PIRCOM Metrics

Province Name Total # of FLs trained Number of Congregants Reached
# of PIRCOM's formed
Zambezia 6,938 598,648 9
Nampula 12,379
579,674 10
Sofala 6,089 595,444 11
Inhambane 2,095 190,443 7

Total 27,501 1,964,209 37 + 1 National PIRCOM


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