Jean F. Duff

First Executive Director and Co-Founder

jean-duff-headshot-webTogether with Ed Scott, Jean Duff co-founded the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty in 2008.

Ms. Duff served as founding Executive Director of the Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty (CIFA) through October 2010. Under her leadership, CIFA developed business models to link the faith sector to the public sector for impact on public health, focusing first on malaria and the formation of the Nigerian Interfaith Action Association. During her tenure, Ms. Duff also convened the Global Initiative on Faith, Health and Development, which developed recommendations for scaling up engagement of the faith sector in health and development programs.

From 2005-2008,  Jean served as Deputy Director of the Center for Global Justice and Reconciliation, where  she led Washington National Cathedral’s global poverty program, promoting inter-religious collaboration with special focus on both malaria and gender justice. While in this capacity, Ms. Duff provided technical assistance to the Inter-Religious Program Against Malaria (PIRCOM), working with leaders of ten faith communities in Mozambique to design and fund the first national scale multi-faith campaign against malaria. She was also the lead manager for the Breakthrough Summit at which the Women, Faith and Development Alliance (co-convened by InterAction, Women Thrive Worldwide, Religions for Peace, and the Washington National Cathedral/CIFA) was launched and over $1 billion in new commitments for women and girls was announced.

Jean Duff, an experienced social entrepreneur, builds and supports effective cross-sector partnerships and campaigns for the common good. She has co-founded, secured funding and led several organizations focusing on social issues in the US including the Community Council for the Homeless, the Campaign for New Community, Building Better Communities Network, and Strive DC. Prior to this work, Ms. Duff was a founding partner, and for 10 years Executive Vice President, of General Health Inc, a for-profit start up in preventive medicine. An alumna of University College, Dublin, and Columbia University, School of Public Health, she holds graduate degrees in clinical psychology and in epidemiology, as well as certificates of continuing education from Harvard and Wharton Business schools. She has been a member of an interfaith theological study group for 19 years.

Jean Duff currently serves as Managing Director at Full Circle Partners (FCP), an international consulting organization based in Washington, DC.