Faith Based Organizations

Interfaith organizations work in every corner of the world helping individuals, families, and communities overcome poverty and disease. To find out more about some of the most active interfaith organizations around the world, click the links below:

  1. ACT Development

    ACT Development brings together churches and related organizations in a new global alliance aimed at eradicating poverty, injustice and the abuse of human rights.

  2. Adventist Development and Relief Agency

    ADRA seeks to identify and address social injustice and deprivation in developing countries, working with people in poverty and distress to create positive change and justness through empowering partnerships and responsible action.

  3. Aga Khan Foundation of the USA

    Aga Khan Foundation has a sharp focus, clearly defined objectives and a consistent approach to its work, concentrating on selected issues in health, education, rural development and the strengthening of civil society.

  4. All African Council of Churches

    The AACC will focus its advocacy efforts in 2007 and beyond on the plight of the African child.

  5. American Jewish World Service

    AJWS is dedicated to alleviating poverty, hunger and disease among the people of the developing world regardless of race, religion or nationality. AJWS fosters civil society, sustainable development and human rights for all people, while promoting the values and responsibilities of global citizenship within the Jewish community.

  6. American Society for Muslim Advancement

    The American Society for Muslim Advancement (ASMA) is a New-York based nonprofit organization founded in 1997 to elevate the discourse on Islam and foster environments in which Muslims thrive.

  7. Association of Evangelical Relief and Development Organizations

    AERDO exists to promote excellence in professional practice; to foster networking, collaboration and information exchange; and to enable its membership to effectively support the Church in serving the poor and needy.

  8. Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs

  9. Caritas Internationalis

    With eradication of poverty and social inequality lying at the very core of what they do, Caritas provides assistance to the most vulnerable on behalf of Catholics around the world.

  10. Catholic Relief Services

    The fundamental motivating force in all activities of CRS is the Gospel of Jesus Christ as it pertains to the alleviation of human suffering, the development of people and the fostering of charity and justice.