The mission of The Center for Interfaith Action on Global Poverty (CIFA) is to improve the capacity and effectiveness of the faith community in its collective effort to reduce global poverty and disease. CIFA does this through increased interfaith coordination, best practices and model sharing, innovative mobilization of resources and influential advocacy to governments and the general public.



CIFA was created to work with faith institutions that have for centuries been the primary source of care and service to the poorest of the poor around the world. Faith institutions have served this role because they are, more than almost any other entity, trusted by the community and on the ground in places where governments are not. However, the resources, especially the human resources, of the faith sector are currently underutilized in the global partnership against poverty, and the impact of the faith sector is limited by a number of factors, both internal and external:

  • Internally, faith institutions lack organizational capacity, financial and technical resources, and the trust that is needed to collaborate across sectors and denominations.

  • Externally, particularly in the U.S., governmental and multilateral attitudes towards the faith community are negative and few citizens understand the extent of faith-based efforts to alleviate poverty and fight disease.


CIFA’s Action Agenda

CIFA will reach its goals through the following actions in the areas of malaria, HIV/AIDS and gender justice:

  • Convene the global faith community for joint action in both the developed and developing world, in order to identify challenges and opportunities and encourage intra-sector and cross-sector collaboration

  • Help set the faith community’s agenda by promoting research, holding collaborative events, and producing annual action targets and metrics

  • Drive innovative efforts by the faith community to better use and deploy resources in order to increase the capacity of all efforts against poverty, faith-based or not

  • Generate and disseminate research on the role of the faith community against poverty

  • Advocate for the faith sector’s role in development to governments, multilateral organizations, philanthropists, and the public

Learn more about CIFA’s work on specific issues here